How to Clean Tinted Car Windows

30. ledna 2016 v 5:36
Cleaning tinted windows is easy and does not require any special products or skills. Learn how in less than 5 minutes!
Wash the car's exterior. Using glass cleaner on the outside car windows is fine, wipe away excess runoff immediately.
On the insides of the car, use a paper towel and water to remove fingerprints and other residues on the window. Using glass cleaner may damage your tint! It could cause the tint to separate from the window or deform.
Do not use window cleaner that contains Ammonia (standard Windex, for example). The Ammonia will cause the tint to turn purple. Choose a streak-free window cleaner marked as "Ammonia free."
Do not disturb the edges of the tint. Water or glass cleaner here could cause peeling or deformation.
If tint is beginning to peel or bubble, use a credit card wrapped in paper towel to smooth out imperfections. Always push air bubbles to the closest edge, or pop with a needle if needed. Be careful not to stretch or tear tint!

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