Car Window Tinting process

29. ledna 2016 v 2:53
Step 1: Prior to applying the car window tint we need to ensure that all the windows are thoroughly cleaned to ensure no dirt gets trapped under the film.

Once this is done, we apply our pre cut film to the exterior of the glass. Using a heat gun we shrink the film to the curvature of the window, not doing this will result in creases and spears in the tint.
Step 2: Once this is achieved the window is thoroughly clean twice as a minimum to ensure no dirt is on the window. After this step the window is sprayed with a liquid solution to aid in preventing bubbles from appearing and allowing the car window tint to be moved into the correct position.
Step 3: The tinted film is now carefully applied to the glass making sure not to touch anything except for the glass.
Step 4: Once positioned on the glass the tint is squeegeed, pushing out any liquid and bubbles that remains behind the tint, this is then followed over with a gold card (window tinting tool) to ensure all liquid and bubbles are pushed out in the tight areas.
After this the window is cleaned and then we move onto the next window.
Step 5: After the side windows have been fitted we move onto the rear windscreen, similar to the side windows, we first begin by applying the pre cut tint to the exterior of the glass and begin heat shrinking it to the curvature of the glass.
Step 6: Like the side windows, the interior window is then thoroughly clean twice, then the car window tint is carefully applied to the glass, using the same techniques.
Step 7: Upon completion the vehicle is checked over for any bubbles or spears that may have popped up after the application. Once satisfied with the job the vehicle is ready to be collected, and will take anywhere between 4 days to 4 weeks to fully dry out. Our recommendation is to wait 48 hours before using the windows.

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