Říjen 2015

How to Tint Car Inside Window: 5 Steps Only

25. října 2015 v 7:43 | annytinttool
If you have decided to apply window film yourself, please following the steps to tint your car window.

Step 1: Prepare a standard window tinting tool kit
Before every step, you need to prepare yourself a standard set for auto window tinting. Of course you can easily buy one online. But it is hard to choose sometimes since there are various kinds of kits available. Professionally, you need to buy a kits at least contain: a triggered sprayer or pumped sprayer, a squeegee with handle, a hard card squeegee, a handled scraper, a knife and some cleaning products like clothes. We strongly recommend you guys to buy one from www.tintingtool.com.

Step 2: Clean windows
Use window tinting tools sprayer and squeegee to clean your side windows thoroughly, inside and out. You may need to clean them two to three times to remove all the dirt. It is important to clean the glass carefully or it will cause air bubbles on the film. To clean the gasket holding the window in place, just use the scraper carefully.

Step 3: Measure and pre-cut the film
Unroll the film onto the inside of the window, liner side up (The sticky side is the film and the silk side is the liner). Trim the film to the approximate size of the window using a razor knife. Or you can measure the size with special magnet tape sold on TintingTool.com. Always cut the film leaving at least one extra inch on each side, to ensure the entire window will be covered. Besides, you can also buy the pre-cut film from some famous online store like 3M directly.

Step 4: Trim the film.
Position the film so that the straight bottom edge extends to 1 quarter inch below the top of the inside casket. Using the razor knife, trim the vertical edges of the film first. Then lower the window down to about 2 inches (5.1 cm) and trim the film to fit the shape of the top of the window. Make sure to press the knife gently to avoid any damage of the glass. Accuracy with the trimming may require multiple tries to get desired shape.

Step 5: Apply the application solution
Spray the inside of the window generously with application solution. Next, peel off the film liner and spray the exposed adhesive with application solution.
Apply tint to window. Carefully position the window film onto the glass, adhesive side facing the glass. Slide the film into place, starting at the bottom and working towards the top. The window should still be rolled down slightly.
Use a squeegee to press the film onto the glass, working from the middle out.
Apply more and more pressure as you feel the film begin to grab the glass. Make sure there are no air bubbles.
Roll up the window and continue placing the film into position on the bottom part of the window. Slip the end of the film underneath the window gasket.
Push all the water and soap towards the edge of the window, and blot away using a squeegee wrapped in paper towel.